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Automate Your Reports

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Monday, 25 August 2014

ReportBundlesImageIn the next month or so we will release an update many of you have been waiting for – the option to bundle your monthly reports and run them all with one click. We previewed this at our Calxa Club last week in Sydney and had very favourable feedback.

One of the regular comments we have had from customers is that when preparing monthly (or quarterly) reports, it sometimes is hard to remember the various report criteria settings for the different reports in all their different combinations for different users.


Dealing With Change - Lessons From The NDIS

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Monday, 25 August 2014

NDISNewsImageWe’ve been working with a small group of organisations in the Sydney area who are either involved in the NDIS rollout now or soon will be. It’s been inspiring to see the preparation that they’ve been doing and a pleasure to work with such progressive people.

When the initial request came from the NSW government to assist with this pilot study we only had a vague idea of what the transition to the NDIS would mean for service providers in the disability sector. Six months on and it’s apparent that no-one has all the answers but the big lesson is that those who are prepared will be the ones to survive and thrive.


Share Your Thoughts On Leading From The Back Office

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Sunday, 24 August 2014

MetroScreenYoureOnYourOwnKidWe loved the discussion generated at our Calxa Club in Sydney last week and look forward to more of the same in Southport this week. The topic was ‘Leading from the Back Office’ and it’s great to see so many inspiring people in the finance area.

Back office staff are often under-appreciated yet they can show great leadership, influencing change in the organisations they work in. We had an inspiring discussion on the challenges faced and the resourcefulness shown in finding solutions.


Xero Announces Plans For The Next Year

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Friday, 22 August 2014
Xerocon2014RegistrationAt the annual Xerocon partner conference in Sydney last week, the roadmap for Xero’s plans for the next year was laid out. Improvements include banking, quoting, more document storage and better payroll.

Payroll integration to the general ledger was improved in the most recent update. Future plans include employee timesheets in the mobile app and the ability to manage leave.

We’re pleased to see Xero work on more direct banking feeds instead of the reliance on Yodlee. This will provide more secure transactions without breaching terms and conditions with your bank as well as more regular updates on most accounts. There’s also talk of being able to authorise payments directly from within Xero – bypassing your online banking.


The Forgotten Leader

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Wednesday, 16 July 2014
Forgotten150x150“Leading from the back office requires a common goal, something shared, that everyone wants to achieve and sees the benefits of.”

Most people don’t think of leadership originating from the back office, yet there are countless examples of change conceived by Finance Managers to make organisations more efficient and a better place to work.


Introducing KPIs this Financial Year

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Monday, 14 July 2014

Boost Your ReportingAs part of our regular series of Web Chats, Shem covered KPI reporting last month. His presentation gives you an overview of how KPIs work in Calxa and some suggestions on how you can use them in your organisation. The many standard KPIs are useful to all Calxa users but if you have Calxa Premier you can also benefit from the KPI editor and create your own calculations. With the ability to now include these in standard Budget Summary or Spreadsheet reports, you have a very powerful reporting tool at your fingertips.

 If you missed this Web Chat, download and watch the video recording.


Get Real Value from your Calxa Subscription

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Friday, 06 June 2014

Most Calxa users sign up to get their licence on a monthly or annual basis. There is however, the option to get a 3-year and 5-year licence. This way of packaging our Calxa Premier product was born with not-for-profits in mind.

When some of our customers shared with us their tedious and lenghty board approval process, the request for a longer term commitment made sense.



The NDIS Transition and How to Proceed

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Tuesday, 03 June 2014
NDISParkingSome of our customers are already involved in the NDIS and others are preparing for it, but there are probably lessons for many Not-for-Profits (and even businesses) in how others have managed the transition.

We’ve been working closely with a small group of organisations in NSW, helping them review their existing systems and looking at what needs to be changed or improved with the change to their future funding model.


Calxa Support Still Available on Queen's Birthday

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Tuesday, 03 June 2014

On the 9th of June folks in many Australian states will be kicking back and relaxing for the Queen’s Birthday public holiday. No such luck for the good people in Western Australian, New Zealand and overseas. If you are dealing with budgeting and cashflow issues on this day, the Calxa Team is available from 8.30am to 4.00pm to answer your questions via Phone, Email or Live Chat support.

As always there are many other support avenues available, such as our Knowledge Base, Training Videos or archived recordings of our webinar events which include Web Chats, Info Sessions and Getting Started Webinars.

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