Are you... An Existing MoneyManager User?

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We planned the transition from MoneyManager to Calxa Premier to be a smooth one. You won’t have much to learn so now is the time to join hundreds of other MoneyManager users who have successfully completed the transition.

The Transition Process

Purchasing an upgrade


  • Calxa Premier was released to existing MoneyManager customers on 1 July 2010 and has been used with great success by over 1,000 users since then - but don't take our word for it, see for yourself what our customers have to say
  • You should be aware that because of significant changes MYOB are making to their database structure, MoneyManager will not work with the current release of AccountRight 2011 or any future releases.

Upgrading your data

  • All MoneyManager budgets can be imported to Calxa Premier – you won’t lose any data and you won’t need to re-key anything. Like MoneyManager, Calxa Premier will also link to your MYOB data file, bringing that information across more efficiently.
  • The basic concepts of the applications are similar and there are training videos and support notes to ensure you can find what you need easily. While there are enhanced features and the ability to customise reports in Calxa, the information you are familiar with from MoneyManager is still available and this support note will help you find the corresponding Calxa reports..

The Learning Process

  • We have worked hard to ensure that the transition from MoneyManager to Calxa Premier is as simple as possible. The basic principles and functionality of Calxa Premier will be familiar to anyone who has used MoneyManager – and you can choose which of the new features you want to take advantage of.



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